Gold Sponsorship

Any business that would monetarily support the Association, in accordance with the Sponsorship Levels defined below, in return for promotion of their presence and commercial activities within the Turkish American Community in Maryland.

  1. The sponsors are not MATA members and, hence, will not have voting rights and no right to hold office.
  2. The sponsors will make subscription payments annually, according to their level of affiliation (on the same date that they make their initial contribution).
  3. Sponsors can also join MATA independently, as individuals, and/or families and, hence, have personal rights and privileges as any other MATA member, as long as they pay their dues. This membership is separate from their sponsorship. Sponsors can be members, and members can be sponsors, but being a member or a sponsor does not automatically make one a member or a sponsor, respectively.

 Gold Sponsorship:

  1. The sponsor will be listed on the "MATA Business Sponsors” section of the MATA web page:
  2. The sponsor will receive a copy of the “MATA Matters!” newsletter.
  3. The sponsor’s Facebook page will be “Featured” as a “Liked” page on the MATA Facebook page. [Note: Up to five pages are shown at a time, and you can specify which of your liked pages always rotate there by selecting them as featured.]


Duration: 1 year
Price: $150.00